Wednesday, December 5, 2018

SERU Foster Ship || 014: Goodbyes


Hello, everyone! Today is the final day of the daily reports from the SERU Foster Ship. Did you find this view into our daily operations interesting? I hope so!

Our arrivals today were Emiri and Edburga, two female Norns. Emiri is a fairly regular Norn with an inquisitive nature, though her needs go up rather slowly, leaving her always in a rather good mood. Edburga is similar, with more regular drives, but seems to get easily distracted.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

SERU Foster Ship || 013: Fountains of Life


How is your week going, everyone? Here are today's SERU arrivals!

Today, we met Eiichirou, a male Norn, and Esme, a female Norn. Eiichirou, though he seems to age just a bit faster than most, is a very regular Norn with no particular special notes to add. On the other hand, Esme would appear to be possibly yet another immortal Creature, like Elfgard and Ferris, showing no drives (HoverDoc shows her as "in pain" with 0 bars) and very possibly not aging.

Monday, December 3, 2018

SERU Foster Ship || 012: Warp Whirlwind


Happy Monday, everyone! Here are today's SERU rescues.

Today, our arrivals were Else, a female Norn, and Igor, a male Grendel! Else, perhaps an artist or just an appreciator of the world's beauty, seems to really enjoy picking up and staring at objects for long periods of time. With a little encouragement, she will easily learn how to take care of herself, but don't be alarmed if she spends a long time sitting still! Igor, on the other hand, is frequently quite frightened, so he might need a safe, quiet place to live. He has a hard time lowering his boredom drive, but can do so after playing with toys for a long time.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

SERU Foster Ship || 011: Crossed Paths


Hello, everyone! Here are today's SERU rescues.

Today's arrivals are are a pair of female Norns that look like Grendels - Emerelda and Ellis! With similar appearances, one has to wonder if perhaps they were siblings driven apart by collisions in space. Emerelda is a cute Norn with a bit of a slow, limping gait; she's able to get around, just not very quickly! On the other hand, Ellis is able to get around much more quickly, and seems like she very rarely crawls.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

SERU Foster Ship || 010: Circles of Life


Good afternoon, everyone! Today's the first day of December! I do hope your preparations for the holiday season are going well. Here are today's first SERU rescues of December:

These two are Cedric, a male Grendel, and Esuteru, a female Norn. Cedric is a friendly, mild-mannered Grendel that is perhaps a bit slow to learn new things, but enjoys the company of others. Esuteru is quite inquisitive and likes to look at various things (and, interestingly enough, talk about dropping them despite not holding them). She has no drives, so we originally thought she was possibly another immortal Creature, but she has aged to the child stage - so perhaps she will have a regular lifespan, but will not need anything along the way.

Friday, November 30, 2018

SERU Foster Ship || 009: Friendship and Meetings


Happy Friday, everyone!

Our arrivals today were Ebiko, a female Norn, and Ethan, a male! Ebiko is a cute little Norn with arms closer to an animal's front legs, allowing her to crawl about with ease. She doesn't have any particular quirks, though she might be a little funny-looking! Ethan is similarly a little funny-looking with his long arms. He gets bored easily, so make sure he has lots of things to explore and play with!

Thursday, November 29, 2018

SERU Foster Ship || 008: Unlikely Appearances


Good afternoon! 
Our first rescue today was Erica, a quite natural-looking female Norn with two tails! She's quite curious and loves to roam around, but seems to get sleepy quickly. Our second was Ferris, who despite his appearance, is actually a Grendel! Ferris, like Elfgard before him, appears to not experience any need for anything. Whether or not he remains a baby like Elfgard remains to be seen, but we will be monitoring him.