Thursday, September 13, 2018

New Albia || A Handful of Troubles [FINALE]

So unfortunately, despite the best efforts of everyone that's tried to help me, this keeps happening!

No matter what I do or what I change about the game - Norns are getting stuck in this particular standing position, and become paralyzed. They're trying to do other things, but are unable to move!

I've restarted with a fresh world two more times since this issue happened to Jessie and James, but each time, one of the Norns became paralyzed like this. I think that unfortunately, for now, I should step away from Creatures 2, as I've become pretty frustrated with these problems! I'll keep trying it every once in a while, but so far the results haven't been promising, which is a shame since I'm quite fond of Creatures 2 and its aesthetics - but ah, that's the price we pay for playing such old games!

However, my brief experience with Creatures 2 has taught me some things about what I might want out of playing Creatures in the future - trying to "hand raise" Norns was a lot of fun, even though I didn't get to spend very long doing it. I think this gives me some good ideas for where I might want to go next.

Unfortunately that means in terms of the blog I'm back to the drawing board, but I'll be stewing up some new ideas shortly. If anyone's got any suggestions, feel free to comment!

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New Albia || An Exercise in Patience

Since the Creatures 3/Docking Station method of pressing F1 and clicking on objects to teach Norns nouns doesn't appear to have any merit here, my next step in teaching Jessie and James language was to sit this little guy down next to them and click him until my wrist hurt.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

New Albia || Experiences in Education

As it turns out, Jessie and James' sleeping troubles were a result of me adding a sleep fix on top of the Albian Updates fixes! It must have overwritten it. Oops. After re-injecting Albian Updates, my two Norns were able to settle down for a nap.

Now that's a happy Norn! Thank goodness.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

New Albia || Humble Beginnings

It started, perhaps as all worlds do, with an egg.

Or, rather, a pair of eggs. Though I was unsure of their contents, the two's file names were apparently "goldie1" and "goldie2", which I found telling (and, presumably, it meant the two would be the same breed).

Friday, September 7, 2018

New Albia || Prologue

In the aftermath of a great disaster, a world that had been lost begins to quietly hum to life.

A volcanic eruption destroyed the surface of what was once called "Albia", a place where Norns lived in harmony. Though it is far from a desolate wasteland, what was once a beautiful, thriving world is now made up of deserts, underground tunnels, and cold oceans, littered with technology that had been left behind. Nature has begun to reclaim the structures that remain from times past.

It is within these tunnels that life shall begin anew, as a single spark gives way to what will become the next generation of Norns to inherit this now new rebirth of a once-familiar world.

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[New Albia is a C2 world using Albian Updates v1.1, Better Albia updates, several miscellaneous fixes, and Ocean Bridges because I'm very new to C2 and would prefer not to struggle with Norns drowning!

Rather than having an overarching "theme", New Albia will simply be a relaxed playthrough with continuous updates, from a newbie who has never played C2 before. Stay tuned!]

Friday, May 4, 2018

A Series of Unfortunate Events, or why you shouldn't reinstall when you're tired

Hello everyone! Um, it is with a heavy heart that I have to admit I've made a terrible mistake.

Due to some minor issues arising with my Docking Station, and a few major ones beginning to show up afterwards (including some bizarre issues showing up in newly created worlds), I decided it was time to reinstall the game. However, upon reinstallation and moving some of the files over, some of the problems still persisted, so I uninstalled again to reinstall again... and realized that I had moved, not copied, the old files over when attempting to move into the new installation.

So, the uninstaller removed my things, and because I didn't copy my things over properly, I have lost all of my current worlds. This unfortunately means that the ends of the stories of the worlds that were being posted about on the Pappus Café before this point will remain untold. I want to apologize to everyone who has been reading Applewood Fields and the Waterworks, as these worlds have been lost forevermore. (Along with all of my personal ones, I'm afraid!)

Well, if anything else, I suppose this serves as a good lesson for why you shouldn't do something like this when you're feeling pretty tired!

Since I no longer have any data I need to be preserving, I'm going to be taking this opportunity to do an entirely fresh reinstall of the game. When I moved into this new laptop, I simply copied the old data from the old laptop into the newly installed game folder... so now is a good time to give everything a hard reset. I'll be taking some time to get the fresh installation settled in, as well as thinking up some ideas for new worlds. I also want to come up with some kind of fun mini-features, but I'm not sure yet whether or not that'll work out. (In the meantime, if anyone has any suggestions as to types of worlds they'd like to see, I'm interested in hearing!)

Thank you for continuing to read the stories here at the Pappus Café, and here's to the new worlds we will see going forward.

Take care,

Friday, March 9, 2018

Applewood Fields || Distance

As the Christmas season has definitely come and gone, Felicia, ETN-05 and NRN-01 worked together to take down the Christmas lights and decorations. As soon as work was finished, NRN-01 was quick to return to playing with the gadget she's come to love. Although the cold machinery looks quite out of place in the woodlands, it seems that blinking light never gets old!

In the meantime, Ember continues to enjoy her stay with the Ettins in the mysterious spaceship. For a while, she has fun chasing ETN-06 back and forth near the door, playing cheerfully - however, it isn't long before trouble comes.

Mysteriously, and without any clear reason, ETN-06 passes away. She wasn't ill, and didn't seem to be suffering; perhaps something just went wrong in her body somewhere along the line. Ember, a bit sad about the loss of her new playmate, moves on to explore her environment a bit more.

Nith'eroi continues to lie still in the corridors. Maybe she's become too grief-stricken to move on, or maybe she simply feels this is the end of the road for her... but unable to move, or unable to see what could possibly be ahead, she only awaits her fate....

...however, at the last second, some guiding force seems to take Nith'eroi by hand and lead her from the brink of death to the destination she was seeking. Perhaps a bit confused and bewildered, she stumbles into the open area her friend had found herself in. After taking a second to breathe in some fresh air, she's quick to start eating some of the food that had been lying around! It would seem that quietly wasting away in a cold corridor can make you a bit hungry.

Though far from home, Ember and Nith'eroi seem happy to be reunited, enjoying their time together in peace once again to the sounds of the buzzing (and gurgling?) machinery that now surrounds them.

Back home, things are also rather quiet. Life goes on as always. Felicia has once again taken up the art of painting on the balcony, and this time, she's painted a Norn... with a fur color like that, perhaps it's even a painting of Ember. Poor Felicia seems to feel lost, and her feelings are understandable; after all, two of the Norns she had been looking over as her children have suddenly disappeared. Though they are happy and safe in a land far away, Felicia may never find out where they've gone...

In the meantime, ETN-05 grows to be an adult. Although she didn't seem to carry any relation to Nith'eroi, having been born from an Ettin and not a Grendel, she seems to be a spitting image of the
Grendelborn, making Nith'eroi's absence all the more bittersweet.

ETN-05 seems a touch out of place, though she's comfortable and happy in her new home. She's a very quiet, shy Norn, though, hardly ever speaking up. She seems content to relax on the deck and watch the brightly colored butterflies pass by, warm in the light of the stars overhead.

Time marches on, and soon enough, Nith'eroi is chosen as the next to birth a child. Seemingly aware of the responsibility, she makes her way to the pad of warmth in the ship to lay the egg. However, once she's laid it, she finds herself fascinated; she gently gathers the egg in her hands, gazing at its black-and-white checkered shell and carrying it around. Is this truly it... the beginning of a new life, in her hands?

It isn't until Nith'eroi falls asleep that she finally sets the egg down, and as she rests, it quickly grows in the warmth of the heated pad.

The child that hatches looks not unlike Ember, though a brighter pink in color rather than Ember's more heated red. After thinking on it for a little bit, Nith'eroi decides to name her child Fayrah, a spark of life born far from home. Fayrah seems to take a great deal of pleasure in playing with the popping flowers, which even all the way out here, cover the floor of the spaceship and playfully explode with a "POP!" when touched.

Perhaps, though there is quite a distance between them and their woodland home, Nither'oi, Ember, and Fayrah will be able to start a new colony of Creatures living in harmony on the strange spaceship.

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[I'm finally back! Please forgive my inactivity as of late; schoolwork has gotten a bit hectic as we approach midterms, and I've been focused on it. I hope to continue regular updates soon!

In addition, although I was excited about Creatures 2 functioning on my computer, the game stopped working for no discernible reason less than a day later, so the planned Creatures 2 run has been postponed. Creatures 1 is working, however some of the kits are not, so I will have to see if I can't fix them! In the meantime, posting will continue to feature C3/DS as usual.]