Monday, December 25, 2017

A Stranger's Christmas [Christmas 2017]

Though the Popping Pappus fields are without any snow, a cold winter wind blows outside the café, rustling the swaying flowers...

"You've been here quite a while, haven't you?"

You look up from the book you were reading to see the Wood Norn approaching. She slides a mug of hot chocolate to you and sits down across from you, taking the other chair at the small table by the window. She gazes outside at the winter night.

"Of course, you can stay as long as you like... but tonight is Christmas, don't you know?" Slowly, she blows on the surface of her own hot chocolate a little before taking a sip. "If you don't have anywhere to be, of course, I'm happy to spend Christmas with you... it's not like I get too much company out here these days."

You look up from your book at her, then over at the mug. Nodding a little, you fold the book closed and take the mug in your hands. It's warm, which is nice because of the cold that seems to seep in through the window. The mug is green and looks like it was a little spottily painted, with splotches of brown on it. Did the Norn make it herself?

"I know Christmas is a holiday where people reunite with their families to spend time together and such... but for someone like me, I think spending a Christmas or two with a stranger isn't so bad, either. There's so many people out there I don't know yet, and I want to share moments like this with them too..." The Norn gives you a warm smile, and raises her mug. "So... merry Christmas!"

You give a smile back, and raise your own mug, clinking the two together. "Merry Christmas."

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