Sunday, November 26, 2017

Applewood Fields || Prologue

Somewhere far, far from here, on a ship deep in space, lies a self-contained ecosystem teeming with life. Birds sing, insects buzz and dart about, and fish swim back and forth, their scales glimmering in the bright light of the sun and stars past the dome of glass that separates this tiny woodland from the vacuum of space.

It is here that, for the first time, a brand new life is about to begin. Somewhere in the forest lies a trio of eggs, each sporting a monochromatic pattern on its smooth shell. Tiny cracking noises occasionally come from each as the creatures inside slowly begin to make their way out...
Though they stand on two legs and have human-like hands, these tiny baby Norns are their own kind of creature indeed. Each of the three of them has a soft coat of fur, a ruffle of fluff on their head, and a pair of long ears! They begin to explore their world together, overwhelmed by a barrage of new sights, new sounds, friends to make, things to eat, places to be.

The first, Felicia, is a Siamese Norn. Though she knows little of her breed's terrifying past, she seems to want to explore quite a bit, eager to break from the pack and survey her surroundings. She may never be kept in a cage, but her desire to adventure where her ancestors could not seems to run strong in her being.

On the other hand, the second, Fyrah, is a Wood Norn who seems to prefer the company of other Norns. Just as they were together right at birth, Fyrah sticks to Lacie's side like glue, looking to her friend for guidance and companionship as they explore their surroundings together.

Last but certainly not least, Lacie is a Colortrue Bruin Norn, sporting rather flashy hot pink fur! Unlike her friends, Lacie's shockingly neon colors don't seem to blend in so well in a forest environment... could this prove to make trouble for her survival down the road, or will she be able to use it to her advantage?

Just what, exactly, lies ahead? What dangers could there be? Are there others in the world out there? In a place this big, with the outside world even bigger, nobody can be quite sure what adventures await these tiny newborn creatures...

[As a sidenote: This world, Applewood Fields, is using Amaikokonut's Scenario Script Hera. It interests me so much that I decided to give it a try for myself! Scenario Script Hera forces the world to be all-female, and scores creatures based on how well they care for themselves. If you are also interested, you can find Scenario Script Hera here on Amaikokonut's blog, Naturing::Nurturing.]

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  1. Looking forward to see what will happen!

    Yay for the Hera script. :D

    - X Pilla