Sunday, November 10, 2019

Quarantine || Nasty Norns

If the Lone Shee saw the state his Capillata was in now, he might be a bit upset.

The vines of diseased plants crawl up and down surfaces, their fruit falling onto the floors; the seeds had clung to the Toxic Norns' fur when they arrived. As it so turns out, like the Toxic Norns themselves, the plants are a bit of an invasive species... even on a previously clean, sterile ship with little dirt to offer.

Creatures are packed into each of the rooms of the little ship, happy as pigs in mud, alongside their garbage-based gadgets and putrid plants. In the Workshop, a Norn peers into the ship's garbage dump. In the Capillata Hub, another Norn is playing with the bones of some animal as if they're toys.

This is how life on Quarantine has been advancing, with a crew of Norns as colorful as toxic waste mucking things up every chance they can get. While the ship's autopilot peacefully pushes them along in the vast expanse of space, those who know of the ship's existence live in fear of what dangers crawl inside...

While at some point these Toxic Norns may have been naturally colored, in this contaminated ship where they've been allowed to thrive, they've developed particularly shocking colors. Take, for example, Sick Kale:

Sick Kale, a particularly brightly colored Norn, has designated himself as the alpha male of this particular group. As one of the first diseased Norns the Lone Shee encountered (even, perhaps, Patient Zero?), Sick Kale stands as one of the eldest of the group, and several of his children populate the ship as well.

Further outlining the ship's shocking nature, it seems that this particular newborn child hatched right next to a Stinger nest! It certainly is an unusual welcome to the world, emerging from the egg only to find yourself face-to-face with buzzing insects... for even in a place like this, it seems life can always begin anew.

"Why, they've even tainted the teapot!"

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