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Whysmasia || The First Year

The dawn of Whysmasia's new generation came not immediately, but during the second day of Spring during the first year, as the forces that controlled the world's fate brought Whysmasia's first new Norns into existence. While Whysmasia's best scientists have embarked on a journey through the stars thanks to their recent achievement of interstellar travel, they left behind eggs of all kinds, intending for the world to continue on in their wake.

Their chosen Norns were as follows:

In the north, cozy underground beneath the scorching hot desert, a pair of Dodgy Norns. Their travels throughout the Warp from world to world have made them brilliant navigators by design, and as Whysmasia's best were Dodgy Norns, they felt it important to leave a few of their children behind to lead the next generation in turn.

Towards the middle of the world, a pair of Kunterbunt Norns. Whether their brilliantly colored fur is a purposeful result of scientific experimentation or a mutation caused by chemical waste may be a mystery, but the Whysmasian scientists did choose to place their eggs near a large, ominously glowing machine.

To the south, deep within the caves, a pair of Aardvark Norns. True to their nature, they begin their lives in the tunnels, watched over by an intimidating--and yet, somehow, comforting--statue of a being they did not recognize, and yet they trusted.

And finally, in the lands near the waterfall teeming with life, a pair of Treehugger Norns. Since they were leaving, the Whysmasians of old knew they wouldn't be able to keep tabs on what remained of Whysmasia's natural life, and thus they decided that a pair of Norns who were particularly in touch with nature must stay behind to preserve the beautiful flowers and plants that not only decorated their world, but sustained it.

These four pairs, though spread far apart, may one day come into contact with each other - and in addition, a handful of portals to other worlds lie scattered across Whysmasia's surface, just waiting for other Creatures across space and time to arrive.

During the first day of the Summer season, the first pregnancies of the new generation began to occur, starting with Slippery Coconinoite, a Treehugger Norn, and Undersized Berkelium, an Aardvark Norn.

The first birth was Protected Lutetium, a young purebred Treehugger Norn, during the very early morning of the second day of Summer just as the sun peeked over the horizon.

Meanwhile, the Kunterbunt Norns, after having lived for about an hour, moved from living underground near the machinery to living on the surface. Seemingly happy to inhabit a windy, stormy island, they quickly made themselves at home.
(Off-topic: I know something's gone wrong with the Kunterbunt Norns' body data for their heads to be sitting so low on their bodies, but it's kind of cute.)

No sooner than the Kunterbunt Norns had made the island their new home, they had a child as well, making the Dodgy Norns the last pair to breed. By the time the sun set on the second day of Summer, each pair had given birth to at least one child.
Liberty Livermorium is an amazingly alliterate name. Unfortunately, though, it would appear those little white clusters near him may be poisonous, as he died of an unexpected illness while lying near one; fortunately for the Dodgy Norns, the female, Mini Cesium, became pregnant shortly afterwards, making the pair the first to have two children. (Even if it only served to make them "even" with everyone else having one child.)

The Aardvark Norns continued to increase their population quickly, having a pair of twins! One of them, Short Ettringite, has a slightly darker color than the rest of her family, though it may not last past her childhood.

Events grew a bit slow during the end of the summer season, so have a picture of Short Ettringite in the pipe near the waterfall. (No, I'm not sure how she got all the way over here.)

The Kunterbunt Norns, meanwhile, continued to scatter. Now no longer a cohesive group but instead spread about in various places, they've begun to make contact with other groups. Chemical Praseodymium, the first child, was the first to reach the Dodgy Norns. He quickly made friends with the group - establishing friendly relations is key!

On the second day of the fall season, the new Whysmasian society suffers its first death. There is no clear cause, and she leaves behind her mate and two male children - meaning that the Treehugger Norns will be unable to continue their bloodline as purely Treehugger Norns, and will need to find a female from another group in order to survive.

As the sun set on the third day, the Aardvark Norns suffered a similar blow, losing their male founder. Not unlike Slippery Coconinoite, his passing leaves behind his mate and three children, all of whom were female. Though the Aardvark Norns have had better luck in branching out, with Short Ettringite doing quite a bit of exploring, it would seem they, too, will need to find someone to help them pass on their bloodline.

By the end of this day, both Kunterbunt Norn founders had died as well, having wandered into places where it seemed they had trouble finding food (though food wasn't terribly far away, it seemed they couldn't find it). The only surviving Kunterbunt Norns are their two children, who now must be relied on if the population will continue; now that Chemical Praseodymium has assimilated into the Dodgy Norn group, perhaps we may see him mate with one of the Dodgy Norns?

The Dodgy Norns were the only group who had not suffered any founder deaths thus far, and their population numbers continued to dominate above the other groups. With nine Norns among them, it would seem they make up nearly half of the world's twenty-Norn population.

On the final day of the fall season, the first crossbreed Norns were born; one to a Kunterbunt Norn mother and one to a Dodgy Norn mother, but both Kunterbunt/Dodgy mixes. This was good news for both groups, of course, but especially the Kunterbunt Norns, who were facing the lowest numbers after the loss of both founders.

As time marched on, death continued to strike. Soiled Praseodymium, a purebred Kunterbunt Norn, and Pentagonal Lutetium, a purebred Treehugger Norn, both died of starvation; while Pentagonal Lutetium had wandered off by himself to a more barren corner of the swamp, Soiled Praseodymium died surrounded by food, leaving the reasoning for refusing to eat unknown.
It would seem the population was beginning to trend more and more towards domination by the Dodgy Norns.

The night of the first day of Winter saw the birth of Pointed Praseodymium, the first purebred Kunterbunt Norn to be born since the summer season. The majority of the Kunterbunt Norn population - if not all that remains - seems to be living together with the  Dodgy Norns now.

Short Ettringite, always the explorer, makes the Aardvark Norns' first contact with outside groups, meeting the Dodgy Norns for the first time on her quest for companionship. Out of every Norn that has walked the surface of the new Whysmasia, she's definitely traveled the most!

In the meantime, one of the Treehugger Norns makes it to the beach quite far from his home... though he still remains quite far from other Norns, perhaps his journey will take him somewhere?

As the sun finally sets on the fourth day of Winter, the first year of Whysmasia's new society draws to a close. Though times were more turbulent for some than others, life on the planet Whysmasia's best and brightest left behind will continue on...

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